Nadine McQuarrie


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Field photos


Our research takes us to beautiful, remote regions where work does not always go as planned. 


Timor-Leste (East Timor) years 2005 and 2010




the coast                                                                   road work                                                              getting gas




fatu                                                                            villages                                                                  curious kids




sunset I                                                                     Sunset II                                                                 Nadine                                                                                  




Douwe                                                                      Cecilia                                                        the route




Car in Mud                                                                looking south towards foreland                        Garrett


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Soibada folks                                                                  the descent from Hili Manu                         Nadine and Garrett




The trail                                                                     lunch                                                                      mud!




2010 was a bit wet --    Douwe trying to get to the airport                            Nadine trying to get to the Airport.





Bhutan (Eastern Himalayas) years 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2012




Chorten                                                                            Mountains                                                     field work




Gear and ponies                                                      Lunch                                                                     Leeches




Fellow traveler                                                         Full leech                                                   The crew  (minus Tobgay)




High Himalayas                                                                           Planning the route                            Prayer flags




Yaks                                                                           glacier dams                                                          snowman trek



the descent                                                                   Alpine glow                                                                      Tobgay and Sean




high Himalayas                                                        Sean                                                                       Tobgay and Nadine




peppers                                                                     fields                                                                      maps




Balancing                                                                  Looking south to the foreland                           little monks




de-nesting buckets                                                         Sean                                                    Uplifted terraces at MFT




the buried foreland, west Bhutan                          Sean and Tobgay in Kalikhola                            working hard




the crew                                                                    the route                                                               Dzo  (half yak/half cow)




Main Boundary Thrust (MBT), lesser Himalayan rocks over Siwalik group rocks.   Close up on right.  This is where we met the King.




evening light on Siwalik hills.                         His majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuk, the 5th king of Bhutan, and queen Jetsun Pema.