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INFSCI 0012 - Introduction to Programming with Python

(Fall 2015, CRN 29740)

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Course Books

INFSCI 0012 is designed to teach programming for the complete beginners (or for those who have problems with regular programming courses). Selecting proper books to support a "gentle introduction" into programming is one of the keys to sucess.

The Primary Course Book

The primary course book for the course is shown below. This book fits best the information science prospects and comes with a lot of associated content. All digital versions are free. This book, however, is based on Python 2.X, while our course targets Python 3. It should not be a problem since differences will be explained, but some Python 3 books are also recommended below. There are also many excellet alternative online Python books that you are welcome to use, however, all relevant online books known to the instructor are also based on Python 2.X.

Python for Informatics: Exploring Information
Charles Severance
ISBN: 0471597252

Buy / read about this book at amazon.com ($0 Kindle, $9.99 Paper)

The Alternative Course Books

Programming in Python 3: A Complete Introduction to the Python Language
Mark Summerfield
ISBN 978-0321680563

Buy / read about this book at amazon.com ($25.37)

Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science, 2nd Ed.
John Zelle

ISBN: 860-1200643879

Buy / read about this book at amazon.com ($19.99)

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