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INFSCI 0015 "Data Structures and Programming Techniques

(Fall 2001, CRN 20895)

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When: Thursday 6:00 - 8:25 PM IS 404
Where: IS 404
Instructor: Peter Brusilovsky. Contact data and office hours could be found on instructor's teaching page.
Official Description: Introduces a scientific programming language (e.g., C). Involves the definition, description, and implementation of several information structures such as linked lists, stacks, and queues. (Prerequisite: INFSCI 0010/0011)
Course Web Page: http://www2.sis.pitt.edu/~peterb/0015-011/
TAs: Sharad Pathak (shp23+@pitt.edu) Office Hours: By appointment - IS A206
Sara Masters (smasters@mail.sis.pitt.edu) Office Hours: By appointment - IS A206
Paul Love (palst26@pitt.edu) Office Hours: Wednesday 6-8pm; Thursday 1-3pm - IS A206

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