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INFSCI 2140 - Information Storage and Retrieval

(Summer 2004, CRN 15559)

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INFSCI 2140 Course Links

Algorithm Animations

String Matching (http://www.dcc.ufmg.br/~cassia/smaa/english/)
String matching Algorithm Animation. Includes "Brute Force" algorithm discussed in the classroom. Also available here

Sequential search (http://www1.mmu.edu.my/~mukund/dsal/LSearch.html)
A simple applet for demonstrating sequential search
Binary Search (http://www.cosc.canterbury.ac.nz/people/mukundan/dsal/BSearch.html)
Binary search animation by R. Mukundan
The Animator (http://www.cs.hope.edu/~alganim/animator/Animator.html)
A comprehensive sort animation with several types of sort and lots of parameters to control
The xSortLab (http://math.hws.edu/TMCM/java/xSortLab/index.html)
All basic and several advanced sort algorithms animated. Very good explanation of steps performed.
Sorting Algorithms Demo (http://www.cs.ubc.ca/spider/harrison/Java/sorting-demo.html)
A comprehensive collection of sort animations that could run in parallel
Sandeep Mitra's Java Sorting Animation Page (http://www.cs.brockport.edu/cs/javasort.html)
Nice animation Lab, but flawed by flickering.
Algorithm Animations (http://www.animal.ahrgr.de/en/AnimList_srt.html)
A large set of links to sort animations
Sort Algorithm Animator Applet (http://blackcat.brynmawr.edu/~spoonen/JavaProject/sorter.html)
Probably, the oldestAlgorithm Animator Applet. Written by : Justin Dildy & Sandeep Poonenin 1996. Good animation, but no explanations.
Racing Sorts (http://www.cs.brockport.edu/cs/java/apps/sorters/race_sorters/sortchoiceinp.html)
Interesting applet that will showyou four sorts of your choice working with the same array in parallel. Letyou compare how different algorithms behave in different cases (like slighty unsorted array vs random array). You could input your data to sort.
Binary Trees
Binary Tree Growth (http://rowlf.cc.wwu.edu:8080/~n9442097/bt.html)
This is an animation with speed controlthat llustrates the process of building a binary tree. You could choose randomsequence of input nodes or define yours.
Binary Tree Operations (http://www.cgc.cs.jhu.edu/~jkloss/htmls/structures/btree.html)
Allow you to explore all major operationswith bimary trees - adding nodes, deleting nodes, and search. Completely user-controlled.
Binary Treesome (http://chaos.iu.hioslo.no/~kjenslj/java/applets/latest/applet.html)
A very nice applet that allow youto explore many sides of trees. For example, you could try to build atreeyourself and the system will check your actions.
Binary Tree Animation (http://www.andersramsay.com/work/binary_tree/index.html)
Binary tree animation developed at the U. Mich. School of Information. Requires shockwave.

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