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INFSCI 2470 - Interactive System Design

(Spring 2023, CRN 30825)

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Course Tools

Teaching Tools

All course information, homeworks, assignments, etc, will be accessible from the Knowledge Tree Course Portal or Pitt CourseWeb. These two systems will also provide all interfaces for submitting your homework and projects. Below you will find some brief information about these tooks.


The key tool for the course is the Canvas Course Management System. A set of course materials and communication tools is available on the course Canvas site. You need to have Pitt University Computer Account to login to Canvas site. Use Account Managament Page to check the status of your account. We will use Canvas for all communication during this course as well as the too to submit assigments and projects.

Knowledge Tree Course Portal

We provide a range of online learning resources with this course to support both distance and on-site learning. These resources should be accessed through Knowledge Tree Course Portal. Knowledge Tree uses adaptive navigation support to guide you to the most relevant resources. Due to limitatioin of CourseWeb, we can't integrate Knowledge Tree into CourseWeb, so you will need to access this system separately and will be provided with a separate account.


CoMeT is the system that you will be using to select research talks to attend. All talks that the instructor considers eligible for credit will be posted to Human-Centered Computing group. Create an account in CoMeT and join this group for easy access. We also recommend to Subscribe to this group, then any talk posted to the group will be sent to you by e-mail. If you select a talk to attend please, bookmark it. I will ensure that we are not sending too many students to the same talk. Also, you will be notified about changes and cancellations of bookmarked talks. You can bookmark as many talks as you wish (and you could visit as many talks as you wish, one is the requirement), most important is to do it with the talk you plan to attend. CoMeT is adaptive and will recommend more relevant talks as you bookmark a few. Also, watch for interesting talks beyond CoMeT. If you find a relevant talk that is not posted, be the first to post it and get extra credit.

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