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INFSCI 2480 / ISSP2280: Adaptive Information Systems

(Spring 2020, CRN 31245)

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Course Materials and Schedule

The materials for the future lectures are "best guess" and provided for better course overview rather than for detailed planning

January 7, 2020 Introduction to the Adaptive Information Systems [slides, syllabus slides, readings] Homework 1 issued
January 14, 2020

Session 1
User profiles for personalized information access [slides, readings]
Adaptive search [slides, readings]

Homework 1 Due
Homework 2 issued
January 21, 2020

Session 2
Document modeling [slides, readings]
Text Processing (Zhao) [slides, readings]

January 28, 2020

Session 3
Content-based filtering and recommendation [slides, readings]
Processing RSS Feeds (Zhao) [slides]

Team for the System presentation selected
February 4, 2020

Session 4
User Models for adaptive hypermedia and adaptive educational systems [slides, readings]
Adaptive navigation support [slides, readings]


Topic for the System presentation selected

February 11, 2020

Session 5
Adaptive presentation [slides, readings]
Social Navigation [slides, readings]

Team for the Final Project reported
February 18, 2020

Session 6
Rating-Based Collaborative filtering [slides, readings]

Case-base recommendation [slides, readings]

Homework 2 Due

February 25, 2020

Session 7
System Presentations
Hybrid Web recommender systems [slides, readings]

System Presentations Due
Topic for the Final Project reported

March 3, 2020

Session 8
Project Design Presentation
Social Search [slides, readings]

Project Designs Due
March 10, 2020

Spring break

March 17, 2020

Spring break

March 24, 2020

Session 9
From Opinions to Recommendations  (Zhao [slides, readings]
Recommendation Based on Social Links [slides, readings]

March 31, 2020

Session 10
Tag-Based Recommendation (Rahdari) [slides, readings]
Network-based Social Search [slides, readings]

April 7, 2020

Session 11
Collaborative Information Search [slides, readings]
People Recommendation in Social Media [slides, readings]

April 14, 2020

Session 12
Location-Based Recommendation (Alenezi)
[slides, readings]
Recommending Based on Implicit Feedback (Chau) [slides, readings]

April 21, 2020 Project presentations Final Project Due

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