The "Knowledge Sea"

The Knowledge Sea page contains links to the lectures from L.0 to L.16 and the related material on the web from different web sites on C programming.

The map or table is created by a AI program that tried to put togheter materials related each other in some way. For example you should find in the same place (a cell or a group of cell on the table) the lesson slides and the link to web pages on the same topic. The blue color of the cell gives you information about the number of the linkes available (i.e. the "deep of the sea area").

Each cell on the page should contain :
  • two (or more) keywords that describe the topic (also generated by the AI program)
  • the link to the lesson slides (e.g. L.16 in the figure)
  • the link to the related materials (the red dot)

Clicking on the red dot a new window pop up and you will find a list of the web pages available:


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