Item Command
Poincare maps nUmerics Poincare
Curve fitting nUmerics stocHastic fIt_curve
Fourier transform nUmerics stocHastic Fourier
Histograms nUmerics stocHastic Histogram
Autocorrelation nUmerics stocHastic Stat Correlation
Liapunov expontents nUmerics stocHastic Liapunov
Tables, changing properties of nUmerics looKup
Averaging oscillators and adjoints nUmerics Adjoint
Boundary value problem, tolerances for nUmerics bdryVal
Fixed points, tolerances for nUmerics sIngpt_ctl
Nullcline, set mesh for nUmerics nCline_ctl
Integration parameters nUmerics Total
Integration method nUmerics Method
Delay parameters nUmerics dElay
Color coding trajectories nUmerics Color_code
Printing Graphics Postscript
Saving multiple plots Graphics Freeze Freeze
Bifurcation curves, importing Graphics Freeze Bif.diag
Color map Graphics Colormap
Axes, changing values Graphics aXes
Linetypes and curve colors Graphics Editcrv
Storing data from single curve Graphics expOrt
Quitting File Quit
Bell, turning off File Bell
Read/write current XPP information File Read_set/Write_set
Editing right-hand sides, loading DLLs File Edit
Transpose data File Transpose
Fixed points SingPts Go
Changing from 2D to three-D view Viewaxes
"Space-time" plots Viewaxes Array