Examining the data

Click open the Data Browser in order to use it. Typing (Esc) makes the main XPP window the "hot" window.

The DATA BROWSER lets you examine and minipulate the numbers generated by your simulation. It also lets you import files of numbers for plotting . It acts like a very primitive spreadsheet.

Once you have computed a trajectory to an equation, you can use the Data Browser (here after, DB) to look at the data. There are some known ``bugs.'' You must sometimes grab it with the mouse and shake it to get the data to show up (no kidding!) Also, sometimes it will not resize properly; in this case, you must continue the integration to the current starting point (in other words, do nothing but press (C) and then (Enter).) To activate the DB, bring the window to the top and put the pointer inside the box.

Across the top is a menu of commands and then there follows a list of titles for the variables, time and the auxiliary functions. Using the arrow keys, the page keys, home and end keye or clicking on the appropriate commands allows you to scroll through the data. By resizing the DB you can get more or less data. Clicking on (Left) shifts the data window to the left and (Right) moves it to the right. The time column always stays fixed. If you do parametric or range calculations, the range variable is kept in the time column. (Home) takes you to the top of the data and (End) to the last row. The remaining commands will be described separately. The keyboard shortcuts to invoke them are in parentheses.