Running XPPAUT on Windows NT/95

Fixed the AUTO bug so the X version runs AUTO under the DOS shell.


It has become a nightmare trying to maintain two different versions of my program for the Windows GUI and the X GUI. Thus, regrettably, I have stopped development of the windows version. Besides the logistic problems, I have a very nice port of the X version that runs fine under all flavors of Windows if you install an X server. The new version is quite easy to install and runs from the Command Prompt.

If there is a big demand for the pure windows version, I may reconsider, but for now I will work only on the X version. That said, I will still make the old windows version available.

Runnnig it

There are several ways in which you can run XPP on a Windows 95/NT platform.


Winpp installation

  1. Create a directory called winpp and download
  2. Unzip the file into the winpp directory
  3. You will have an executable called winpp.exe and a lengthy readme file in html format.
  4. You can create a link to it by making a shortcut.

XPPAUT installation on Windows

This is a bit more difficult. You will need one thing in addition to the program. You will need an X server for windows. There are several commercial versions and one free version. I have tested XPP on the free version which you can download: NOTE! This is no longer freeware, which really sucks. You can still download the free version from in the X-servers section. I also will make available until a lawyer calls me, the old version at Unzip them and you will have the two above files. Follow those directions.

A very nice X-server is available for downloading from StarNet called XWin32. The demo version restricts sessions to 2 hours and then you have to restart. But it is such a nice looking server you might consider buying it.

You should be set now.

Running the X version under Win95/NT/98

Possible problems

Documentation and examples

The complete documentation and examples for XPP are included in the source code directory but if you just want the examples and the documentation (in postscript) download xppexam.tar.gz and . These can be uncompressed from the shell prompt by typing or using Winzip.