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7th Quadrennial Fellows Conference 2012

Registration Confirmation, 13 March 2012

This is a brief note to confirm your registration for the Seventh Quadrennial Fellows Conference in Mugla, Turkey, 12-14 June 2012. A more detailed email about travel, lodging and program information will be sent to you and the other registered participants in the coming weeks.

We are following the tradition of past conferences, in that participants' accommodation and most meals for both speakers and non-speakers will be covered by the conference once they have arrived at the conference site. Participants are asked to secure their own sources of funding for travel expenses through their home institutions and other sources.

The Center will be pleased to help in efforts to secure such support through letters of invitation as needed.

Also, the Center will set aside a small fund to be distributed among Fellows (both speakers and non-speakers) without other sources of funding, but whose participation in the conference depends essentially on such support. The more people that request this funding, the less will be awarded to each. We thus ask that requests for support be made only if other sources are genuinely inaccessible. If we receive many requests, we shall distribute the funds with a preference towards Fellows for whom we judge travel funds harder to secure.

We ask Fellows who anticipate need for such support to contact us immediately.

Deadline for response: 30 March 2012.

Program Committee: Mehmet Elgin (co-chair), Peter Machamer (co-chair), Ali Osman Gündoğan, John D. Norton

Revised 4/4/12 - Copyright 2012