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Quantum Time

28-29 March 2014
Center for Philosophy of Science
817 Cathedral of Learning
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA USA

Many of the problems of time in physics are old and well-known, and their morals for metaphysics have been explored. In this workshop, we propose to attack a newer problem: How is quantum time special? More specifically, this workshop will explore the ways in which quantum theory leads to new insights about the nature of time, and how thinking about the role of time may lead to insights about quantum theory. Topics may include (although they are not limited to) the problem of time in quantum gravity, quantum time observables, temporal symmetry violation, and the unitary and non-unitary implementability of time evolution in quantum theory. The conference includes an open call for papers presenting fresh new ideas. The open call participants will join the three invited speakers below. We welcome both philosophers and physicists, with the hope that this workshop may provide a useful forum for interdisciplinary engagement for both.

To register, email Cheryl Greer cmg84@pitt.edu

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Valia Allori (Northern Illinois University)
Abhay Ashtekar (Pennsylvania State University)
Adam Caulton (University of Cambridge)
Sean Gryb (Radboud University Nijmegen)
Louis Kauffman (University of Illinois, Chicago)
Thomas Pashby (University of Pittsburgh)
Laura Ruetsche (University of Michigan)
Noel Swanson (Princeton University)
Kenneth Wharton (San Jose State University)

Organizing Committee

Thomas Pashby (University of Pittsburgh)
Bryan W. Roberts (London School of Economics)
Giovanni Valente (University of Pittsburgh)






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