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Workshop in Honor of James Bogen

28 March 2015
Center for Philosophy of Science
817 Cathedral of Learning
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA USA

Advance registration is appreciated, but not required.
To register for this conference, please email cmg84@pitt.edu

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Summary: In a career that has spanned over five decades, Jim Bogen has had a big impact on history and philosophy of science, not only because of his seminal publications, but also because of his intellectual curiosity and his support of the work of other (especially junior) scholars. As was acknowledged in his recent appointment as a fellow of the American Society for the Advancement of Science, he has left a mark on the field. To this day, Bogen remains deeply engaged with new work in a variety of areas within history and philosophy of science, contributing to debates about causality, the epistemology of experimentation and the history and philosophy of neuroscience. In order to celebrate and honor Jim Bogen’s impact, this workshop will (a) highlight some important areas of scholarship to which Jim has contributed in the past and (b) explore the vision Jim has for the future of philosophy and the sciences.

Invited speakers:

Sandra Mitchell, University of Pittsburgh
Laura Ruetsche, University of Michigan
Ken Schaffner, University of Pittsburgh
James Woodward, University of Pittsburgh

Holly Andersen, Simon Fraser University
Uljana Feest, Leibniz Universität Hannover
Brian Keeley, Pitzer College
Peter Machamer, University of Pittsburgh

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