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Early Career Scholars Conference in Philosophy of Psychiatry: Overcoming Mind-Brain Dualism in 21st Century Medicine

21-22, November 2014
Center for Philosophy of Science
817 Cathedral of Learning
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA USA




The goal of this conference is to address the crisis in psychiatric research and treatment by exploring the ways in which the mind-brain dualism can be overcome in contemporary psychiatry through an integration of approaches from philosophy of mind, philosophy of science (including philosophy of cognitive science and neuroscience) and philosophy of medicine. One goal of such re-evaluation is to reconcile the claim that psychopathology needs to be scientific with the claim that it needs to keep the experience of the sufferer at its core.

Format of Conference: The conference will take place over two days. Eight papers by early career scholars (graduate students, postdocs, and untenured faculty) will be commented on by senior philosophers who have expertise in philosophy of science, philosophy of neuroscience, or philosophy of medicine.

By matching each junior presenter with a senior commentator, our aim is to give junior scholars an opportunity to receive thoughtful and targeted feedback on their work and to facilitate lively discussions. Further, this format will initiate junior-mentor relationships that will help strengthen the philosophy of psychiatry community.

For further information, please contact Serife Tekin, at serife.tekin@daemen.edu.

Keynote Speakers:
Jennifer H. Radden (Professor Emerita of Philosophy, University of Massachusetts, Boston)
John Z. Sadler (Professor of Psychiatry and Clinical Sciences, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center)

Wesley Buckwalter, University of Waterloo
Simon Goyer and Luc Faucher, Université du Québec à Montréal
Anthony Fernandez, University of South Florida
Aaron Kostko, University of Minnesota Rochester
Mael Lemoine, University of Tours
Lauren Ross, University of Pittsburgh
Katrina Winzeler, University of California-Berkeley
Serife Tekin, Daemen College
Kathryn Tabb, University of Pittsburgh

Heidi Maibom, University of Cincinnati
Claire Pouncey, Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry
Somogy Varga, University of Memphis
Edouard Machery, University of Pittsburgh
Kenneth Schaffner, University of Pittsburgh
Eric Turkheimer, University of Virginia
Valerie Hardcastle, University of Cincinnati
Jonathan Tsou, Iowa State University
Jacqueline Sullivan, Western University

Poster Presenters:
Phoebe Friesen, CUNY Graduate Center, “Let A Thousand Ontologies Bloom”

Eric Hochstein, Washington University in St Louis, “Methodological Dualism as a Virtue in Psychiatry”

Jelena Krgovic, University of Buffalo, “Mental Disorder: Between the Medical Model and Antipsychiatry”

Valentina Petrolini, University of Cincinnati, “Neither Brainless Nor Mindless: Towards and Interactionist View in Philosophy of Psychiatry”

Sarah Robins, University of Kansas, “Confabulation and Constructive Memory”

Natalia Washington, Purdue University, “Normative Standards for Psychiatry”

Georg Repnikov, University of Sydney, “Psychiatric Nosology and Our Changing Understanding of Mental Disorders”

Alexander Jeuk, University of Cincinnati, “Linguistic Dualism and the Embodied Approach to Mental Disorder”

Jasmin Ozel, University of Pittsburgh, “Early Intervention in Schizophrenia: Costs and Benefits of Including a "Psychosis Risk Syndrome" in the DSM”

Rik Hine, Texas Christian University, “(Mis)Representation and Intervention”

Organizing Committee: William Bechtel, Trey Boone, Mazviita Chirimuuta, Peter Machamer, Edouard Machery, Kenneth Schaffner, Kathryn Tabb, and Serife Tekin.

The Center for Philosophy of Science
Daemen College







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