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Robustness in Neurological Systems

13 - 15 November, 2015
Center for Philosophy of Science
817 Cathedral of Learning
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA USA

Advance registration is appreciated, but not required.
To register for this conference, please email cmg84@pitt.edu


The brain is the poster child for plasticity in biology. Neurons and networks constantly rebuild themselves in response to the continual and ongoing change in component ion channels and receptors that are necessary for neuronal signaling. In addition, external changes drive homeostatic responses. These are ways in which robust responses can be triggered. Recent modeling and experimental work have described the mechanisms, constraints, and outcomes of robust dynamics in the brain. This workshop is designed to maximize productive interaction in large and small groups among scientists and philosophers, faculty, and graduate students. Such engagement can “test” and refine philosophical analyses of robustness as in current scientific practice. At the same time, scientists can reflect on their practices with the tools that philosophers bring to the discussion.

The workshop will include a graduate student poster session on November 14th. If you would like to present a poster at this session, please email Cheryl Greer (cmg84@pitt.edu) with your abstract (c. 500 words) by October 1st. Notice of posters accepted for presentation will be given by October 14th.


Alison Barth (Department of Biology, CMU)
Emilio Bizzi (Neuroscience, MIT)
Trey Boone (History and Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh)
Raffaella Campaner (Philosophy, University of Bologna)
Flavio Keller (Developmental Neuroscience, Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma)
Arnon Levy (Philosophy, Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
Timothy O'Leary (Neuroscience, Brandeis)
Sandra Mitchell and Mazviita Chirimuuta (History and Philosophy of Science, Pittsburgh)

Organizing Committee:

Sandra D. Mitchell (University of Pittzburgh)
Mazviita Chirimuuta, HPS, University of Pittsburgh
Marta Bertolaso (University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome)

Sponsored by:

The Center for Philosophy of Science








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