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Hermes and the Telescope: Author Meets Critics

27 January 2017
Center for Philosophy of Science
817 Cathedral of Learning
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA USA


A workshop on Paolo Palmieri’s just published book, Hermes and the Telescope: In the Crucible of Galileo's Life-World.

The life and work of Galileo have stirred debates and controversies in history and philosophy of science concerning the origin and motivation of the emergence of modern science. Paolo Palmieri’s new book calls into question the positivist myth of Galileo, the founder of modern science, and interrogates the historiography that has shaped the myth since the historic publication of the monumental edition of Galileo’s works at the turn of the twentieth century.

The book highlights the entanglement of Galileo’s natural philosophy with his private unorthodox convictions about Christian theology, Biblical hermeneutic, sexuality, and the hidden traditions of Italian heretics and libertines. Furthermore, the book articulates the philosophical, pedagogical and political implications of this new reading of one of the founding fathers of modernity for both the sciences and the humanities.

Invited Speakers:

Edith Doron, PhD
ACLS Public Fellow
Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh

Daniel Selcer
Associate Professor
Philosophy, Duquesne University


2:00PM Speaker Commentary
2:45PM Speaker Commentary
3:30PM Coffee Break
4:00PM Response by Palmieri
4:45PM General Discussion

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