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Soshichi Uchii
History and Philosophy of Science
University of Kyoto
Academic Year 1991-92

July 2007
Here is news of Soshichi Uchii:

I have retired from Kyoto University, March 2006, and am now Professor Emeritus.

Most recent publications include:

The Riddle of Space and Time (in Japanese), Chuo-koron-sinsha, 2006 “Gravitation and Cosmology”, Journal of the philosophy of science society, Japan 39-2, 2006

“Goedel’s Universe”, Gendai Shiso 35-3, 2007

June 2008
I am now the First Vice President of Division of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, International Union of History and Philosophy of Science. And Most recent activities include:

"Quantum Gravity and Philosophy" (in Japanese), Gendaishiso 35-16, 152-165, December 2007

"Review: Peter J. Bowler, Monkey Trials and Gorilla Sermons, Evolution and Christianity from Darwin to Intelligent Design, Harvard University Press, 2007, 256pp" . Primates 49-2, pp. 165-6 (Dec. 24, 2007, web version, and hard copy version, April 2008)

Invited Lecture, DLMPS-IUHPS (Beijing Congress), "An Informational Interpretation of Monadology," 15 August 2007

June 2009
I continue to work as the Fist Vice President, Division of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science, IUHPS, for the next Nancy Congress in 2011. In the meantime I have finished a book on Darwin which is scheduled for publication in August. And other recent activities are as follows:

Invited Lecture, "Quantum Gravity and Philosophy", Hokkaido University, Jan. 27, 2009

A series of lectures: Let us brush up our logical sense, NHK culture center, Kyoto, April-September, 2009

14 June 2010
I have published a book on Darwin: Darwin's Ideas, from animals to humans, Tokyo: Iwanami, August 2009. Related with this, I delivered a lecture on Darwin, for the Darwin Bicentenary Conference in Korea: "The Evolution of Darwin's Evolutionary Thinking", Seoul, July 3, 2009. Another lecture for the Society of Evolutionary Studies (Japan), "Tracing Darwin's Evolutionary Thinking", Sapporo, September 5, 2009 (public lecture).

June 2011
My old paper in Japanese “The Principle of Divergence in Darwin and Wallace” (originally published in 1993) will be published soon in an anthology edited by Philosophy of Science Society Japan (PSSJ), “Darwin and the Philosophy of Evolution”, Keiso-shobo, Tokyo, 2011. And, as the First Vice President of DLMPS, I have only two more months to go for finishing my term, Nancy Congress 2011.


I have been working on Recorders and Leibniz these two years. I have made fifteen CDs of my performances (more than 100 samples on YouTube). As for academic work, I am writing a book-length paper on Leibniz, "Monadology, Information, and Physics." The draft of Part 1 (Metaphysics and Dynamics) is available at PhilSci Archive, and Part 2 (Space and Time) is in preparation.


2015, Leibniz's Theory of Time (presentation), DLMPS Helsinki
2016, Leibniz's Informatics and Dynamics (book in Japanese), Chuo-koronsha, Tokyo


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