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visiting fellows, 2000-01

Bogen, James
Pitzer College, USA
Epistemics of Experiment and Observation

Camardi, Giovanni
University of Catania, Italy
The Question of Homologies in Developmental
and Evolutionary Biology

Guillaumin, Godfrey  (Visiting Scholar)
University of Guanajuato, Mexico
Evidence and Epistemic Values: How Values Enter into the Scientific Evaluation of Evidence

Hartmann, Stephan
University of Konstanz, Germany
Thinking about Nothing:
Philosophical Problems of the Vacuum

Keskin, Ferda
Bogazici University, Turkey
Scientificity and Truth in Michel Foucault's
Historical Ontology

Nordmann, Alfred
University of South Carolina
The Philosophy of Heinrich Hertz

Pinnick, Cassandra
Western Kentucky University
Proof in Law and Science:
A Comparative Critique Based in the Early Modern Era

Rosinska, Zofia
University of Warsaw, Poland
Psychoanalysis-Science, Hermeneutic or Heuristic?

Stotz, Karola
University of Sydney, Australia
Interactive Construction:
Understanding the Processes of Life and Mind

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