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visiting fellows, 2002-03

::: Ainslie, Donald
University of Toronto  fall
Scepticism and Self-Consciousness
in Hume's Science of Man

::: Bailer-Jones, Daniela
University of Bonn  spring
How Scientific Models Represent:
Seeking a Cognitive Account

::: Blank, Andreas
Free University, Germany  academic year
The Interaction between Physiology
and Philosophy of Mind in Leibniz

::: Dowe, Phil
University of Tasmania, Australia  fall
The Philosophy of Time Travel

::: Forster, Thomas
University of Cambridge, UK  spring
Imaginaries in Mathematics: History and Logic

::: van Lith, Janneke
Utrecht University, The Netherlands  fall
Philosophical Perspectives on Approximation
and Idealization in Statistical Mechanics

::: Meheus, Joke
Ghent University, Belgium  spring
Ampliative adaptive logics and their implications
for the philosophy of science

::: Nikolinakos, Drakoulis
University of Athens, Greece  fall
Consciousness and the Bodily Self

::: Roberts, John
U. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill  academic year
Representation and Modalities in Physics

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