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visiting fellows, 2003-04

::: Alexander Afriat
University of Utrecht, Netherlands  spring
From Fermat's Principle to Quantum Teleportation

::: Daniela Bailer-Jones
University of Bonn, Germany  fall
How Scientific Models Represent:
Seeking a Cognitive Account

::: Alan Chalmers
Flinders University, Australia  academic year
An Epistemological History of Atomism

::: Mark Colyvan
University of Queensland, Australia  spring
The Role of Naturalism in Ontology and Scientific Method

::: Rick Grush
University of California, San Diego  fall
Other Points of View:
The Neural and Psychological Mechanisms
of 'Theory of Mind' Phenomena

::: Brian Keeley
Pitzer College  fall
The Prehistory of Neurophilosophy and Other Issues

::: Janet Kourany
University of Notre Dame  spring
Philosophy of Science After Feminism

::: Sherri Roush
Rice University  fall
Tracking: Knowledge, Evidence, and Science

::: Ken Schaffner
George Washington University  fall
Behaving: What's Genetic and What's Not

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