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Armond Duwell
University of Montana, USA
Fall Term 2011
The Explanatory Power of Quantum Information Theory

Armond Duwell is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Montana.  His research has primarily focused on quantum information theory.  While at the Center, Armond would like to investigate the explanatory power of quantum information theory using the concept of quantum information advocated in his "Quantum Information Does Exist" (Duwell (2007) Studies in History and Philosophy of Physics 39, 1, 195-216).  His attempts to investigate this issue might be thwarted by his recent interest into the problem of scientific realism and explanations of the success of science.

Armond l received his Ph.D. in 2004 from the University of Pittsburgh, History and Philosophy of Science Department. Since he's been gone, Armond has come to recognize that Pittsburgh is simply the greatest place in the world to be a philosopher of science with time to do research, and he will savor every moment at the Center.

While in Pittsburgh, Armond also looks forward to reacquainting himself with the Sharp Edge beer menu, the trail network of Frick park, and his good friends in Pittsburgh, but not necessarily in that order.  Additionally, he looks forward to exploring Pittsburgh with his family, and especially showing his two year old daughter the dinosaur skeletons in the Carnagie Museum of Natural History.

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