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Nils-Eric Sahlin (Wagner Fellow)
Lund University, Sweden
Academic Year 2011-12
Epistemic Risk, Decision-Making, and Risk-Taking

Nils-Eric Sahlin was at the Center as a Visiting Scholar during the academic year 1987-88.

Sahlin’s main interests lie in decision theory and the philosophy of risk. He has developed theories of rational decision-making and epistemic risk-taking. He has also made contributions to the theory of evidence. Recently, feeling troubled, but also intrigued, by the question “How can we be moral when we are so irrational?”, he has written papers examining the interface between morality and rationality. Working closely with colleagues in Lund, he is currently finalizing papers on the following topics: the concept of epistemic risk; stem cells and risk; personalized, predictive and preventive medicine; and metaphysical explanations.

Sahlin has an abiding interest in Frank Plumpton Ramsey’s writings.

Sahlin is presently Professor (Chair) of Medical Ethics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Lund. He was formerly Professor of Theoretical Philosophy at the same university. He is a fellow of The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities.

Details of books Professor Sahlin has authored and edited can be found on his webpage: www.nilsericsahlin.se. Material elaborating the themes of some of these publications can be viewed by clicking the book images.

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