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Paul Weirich
University of Missouri, USA
Spring Term 2012
Regulation of Risk

Paul Weirich is currently engaged in two projects.  One is simplification of choice by separation of considerations, for example, putting aside the past to focus on the future.  The other project is construction of a normative model for government regulation of risks, such as risks arising from genetic therapy.  The two projects are related because the model for regulation assumes a method of separating risks and other considerations.
While in Pittsburgh, Weirich will enjoy the stimulating atmosphere of the Center and sample the numerous attractions of a big city, especially the fine restaurants he’s heard about from other visitors.
Weirich is a Curators’ Professor in the Philosophy Department at the University of Missouri.  He is the author of  Equilibrium and Rationality (Cambridge, 1998), Decision Space (Cambridge, 2001), Realistic Decision Theory (Oxford, 2004), and Collective Rationality (Oxford, 2010).


Paul Weirich (author), Collective Rationality: Equilibrium in Cooperative Games, Oxford University Press Paperback edition May, 2012


Cambridge University Press will publish in 2015 Paul Weirich’s new book, Models of Decision-Making: Simplifying Choices. Weirich worked on this manuscript while at the Center for Philosophy of Science in spring 2012.


Cambridge University Press in February 2015 published Paul Weirich’s new book, Models of Decision-Making: Simplifying Choices.  Paul wrote portions of this book while at the Center in Spring 2012.


Weirich, Paul.  2015.  Models of Decision-Making: Simplifying Choices. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 

Weirich, Paul.  2015.  “Decisions without Sharp Probabilities.” Philosophia Scientiae 19(1): 213–225.

Weirich, Paul.  2015.  “Intrinsic Utility’s Compositionality.” Journal of the American Philosophical Association 1: 545–563.

Weirich, Paul.  2015.  “La Théorie de la Décision Generaliseé.”  In Daniel Andler, ed., Sciences et Décision, Chapter 5.  Besançon, France: Presses Universitaires de Franche-Comté.

Weirich, Paul.  2015.  “The Subjective Statistician.” Inference: International Review of Science, Vol. 1, Issue 4.  http://inference-review.com/article/the-subjective-statistician

Weirich, Paul.  2015.  “The Lesson of the Prisoner’s Dilemma.” In Martin Peterson, ed., Essays on the Prisoner’s Dilemma, pp. 265–281.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


Paul Weirich edited a special issue of the online open access journal GAMES (ISSN 2073-4336) from 2016– 2017.  The topic is epistemic game theory and logic.  MDPI will also publish the special issue in print as a book, Epistemic Game Theory and Logic. 

ISBN 978-3-03842-422-2 (print) • ISBN 978-3-03842-423-9 (electronic). 
The special Issue is available at:



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