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Christian Damböck
"Carnap’s Aufbau as influenced by the Dilthey-school"
University of Vienna, Austria
Spring Term 2015


Christian Damböck is research assistant at the Institute Vienna Circle, University of Vienna. His main research interests are history of philosophy, philosophy of science, and logic in the 19th and 20th century in central Europe; history and philosophy of the humanities; history and philosophy of logic; the philosophies of Rudolf Carnap, Wilhelm Dilthey, Hermann Cohen, Thomas Kuhn, and Wolfgang Stegmüller. He has written a book on the empiricist tradition in the German speaking world 1830-1930 (German title: Deutscher Empirismus. Studien zur empiristischen Tradition im deutschen Sprachraum 1830-1930, to appear in 2015), has published articles in Logique et Analyse, Synthese, Institute Vienna Circle Yearbook, Grazer Philosophische Studien, HOPOS, Zeitschrift für Religions- und Geistesgeschichte, is the editor of Der Wiener Kreis. Ausgewählte Texte (Reclam 2012), Influences on the Aufbau (Institute Vienna Circle Yearbook, forthcoming in 2015), Wilhelm Dilthey als Wissenschaftsphilosoph (Verlag Karl Alber Freiburg, forthcoming in 2015). While at the Center he will be working on the intellectual background of the early Carnap as personified by members of the Dilthey-school such as Franz Roh, Hans Freyer, and Wilhelm Flitner.



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