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Daniele Muttini
University of Bologna
Fall term 2016
Intuition and Visualization in Mathematics

Daniele Muttini graduated from the University of Pisa in 2006 and completed his PhD in Philosophy at the University of Bologna in 2012 with a dissertation about Intuition and Visualization in Mathematics with Particular Reference to Felix Klein.

The starting point of his dissertation is the renewed interest in “intuition” and “visual thinking” in mathematics that has begun to spread in the last few decades. This research took part in the contemporary debate on these topics by investigating the “historical case” of Felix Klein. After a brief survey of studies from the philosophy of mathematics, neuroscience, pedagogy, and cognitive sciences, all of which have contributed to such revival, his work focused on Klein’s epistemological views, with particular reference to his use of the concept of intuition.

Daniele's research interests are in the philosophy of mathematics and in the philosophy of physics. He has studied the theme of the effectiveness of mathematics in natural sciences and the relationship between Kantian a priori and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. He has examined Logical Positivism, in particular the conventionalism of Hans Reichenbach, and he has analyzed the recent studies about the unpublished works of David Hilbert and his approach to General Relativity. He has become strongly involved in the latest research about the philosophy of mathematical practice and, after having studied David Hilbert’s philosophy of mathematics, he focused his attention on the topics of intuition and visual thinking in the work of Felix Klein.

While at the Center, he will carry on his research into the role of intuition and visualization in mathematics, focusing in particular on some of the most recent developments in the philosophy of mathematics, cognitive science and neuroscience.




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