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Vincenzo Fano
University of Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy
Spring Term 2018

I received my Master’s degree in philosophy at Bologna University in 1984 and my PhD at the same university in 1989, with a thesis on Brentano’s epistemology. I then spent a semester at Graz university in 1987. For ten years, I taught Philosophy and History in Italian secondary school, and I was appointed as Lecturer in Logic and Philosophy of science at Padua University in 1999. Since 2001 I have been associate professor of Logic and Philosophy of Science at Urbino University. In 2004 I qualified as full professor of logic and philosophy of science.

The ‘fil rouge’ of my research has been the relation between mathematics and experience in modern science, with particular attention to physics, cognitive psychology, and history of science.

Recent publications:

  1. Le lettere immaginarie di Democrito a sua figlia, Carocci, Roma 2018.
  2. “Theory of knowing machines: Revisiting Gödel and the mechanistic thesis”, F. Gadducci, M. Tavosanis (eds.), History and Philosophy of Computing, HAPOC-2015, Springer 2016, pp. 57-70; with A. Aldini and P. Graziani.
  3. “A physical interpretation of Lewis’ discrepancy between personal and external time in time travel”, Synthese, DOI 10.1007/s11229-016-1104-2, 2016; with G. Macchia.
  4.  “Are Gandy Machines really local?”; Computing and Philosophy. Selected Papers from IACAP 2014, Müller, Vincent C. (Ed.), Springer, Synthese library, Berlin, pp. 27-44, 2016; with Pierluigi Graziani, Roberto Macrelli and Gino Tarozzi.
  5. “Scientific progress”, in Science between truth and ethical responsibility, ed. by M. Alai, M. Buzzoni, G. Tarozzi, Springer, Heidelberg, 2015, pp. 65-78; with G. Macchia.
  6. Anche Einstein gioca a dadi, di D. Howard, a cura di, Carocci, Roma, 2015; with G. Bomprezzi and I. Tassani. Review: “Il problema non è il determinismo”, Il Sole 24ore, 31st May 2015; “Tutta la verità su Albert e i quanti”, Le Scienze, November 2015, p. 108.
  7. “Divisibility and Extension”, Acta Analytica, 30, pp. 117-132, 2015; with C. Calosi.
  8.  Gino Tarozzi’s Philosopher of Physics. Studies in the Philosophy of Entanglement on his 60th Birthday, edited by, with an introduction, Franco Angeli, Milano, 2014.
  9. “Continuity of motion in Whitehead’s geometrical space”, in Mereology and the Sciences, eds. C. Calosi, P. Graziani, Springer, 2014, pp. 85-99; with P. Graziani.
  10. “Arrows, Balls and the Metaphysics of Motion”, Axiomathes, 24, pp. 499-515, 2014; with C. Calosi.
  11. “Gödelian time-travel and Weyl’s principle”, in A Priori and a Posteriori. Studies on Space and Time, ed. by V. Fano, F. Orilia and G. Macchia, De Gruyter, Berlin, 2014, pp. 247-282; with Giovanni Macchia.
  12. “A New Taxonomy of (Relativistic) Persisting Objects”, Topoi, 34, 2014, pp. 283-294; with C. Calosi.
  13. “Mechanical Intelligence and Gödelian Arguments”, Epistemologia, 36, pp. 207-226, 2013; with Pierluigi Graziani.
  14. “Pre-Socratic Discrete Kinematics”, Disputatio, 2013 (5) 21-31, with C. Calosi.
  15. “Physics and Metaphysics”, in Open Problems in Philosophy of Science, ed. by, P. Graziani, L. Guzzardi and M. Sangoi, College, London, 2013, pp. 186-194.
  16.  “Holism as an Empirically Meaningful Metaphysical Hypothesis”, Epistemologia, 2012 (35) 45-57; with C. Calosi and G. Tarozzi.
  17. I paradossi di Zenone, Carocci, Roma, 2012.

Reviews: “Achille corre coi ‘loop’”, C. Rovelli, Il sole 24ore, 17th June 2012. “I paradossi di Zenone. Tempo-spazio, materia-movimento, eterna sfida per fisici e metafisici”, La Stampa, F. D’Agostini, 14th April 2012. “Discussione ragionata dei paradossi più famosi del mondo”, Le scienze, T. Pievani, July 2012. L. Guzzardi, “I paradossi di Zenone”, Alfabeta2, 28 giugno 2013, http://www.alfabeta2.it/2013/06/28/i-paradossi-di-zenone/. M. Morganti, APhEx, 9, 2014. F. Gallina, “Universa. Recensioni di filosofia”, 5, http://universa.filosofia.unipd.it/index.php/Universa/article/view/414/495M. Antoniutti, Epistemologia, forthcoming.

  1. “Quantum Ontology and Extensional Mereology”, Foundations of Physics, 2011 (41) 1740-1755, with C. Calosi and G. Tarozzi.







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