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Matthias Neuber
University of Tübingen
Fall Term 2017
Reconsidering Critical Realism: The European and the American Perspective

Matthias Neuber is postdoctoral researcher at the Philosophy Department of the University of Tübingen.

His dissertation (2009) was devoted to Moritz Schlick’s and Ernst Cassirer’s respective interpretations of the ‘problem of space’ and the theory of relativity. In 2016 he completed his habilitation thesis, Der Realismus im logischen Empirismus – Eine Studie zur Geschichte der Wissenschaftsphilosophie (Springer 2017). Further publications include: “Helmholtz’s Theory of Space and Its Significance for Schlick” (2012), “Invariance, Structure, Measurement – Eino Kaila and the History of Logical Empiricism” (2012), “Critical Realism in Perspective – Remarks on a Neglected Current in Neo-Kantian Epistemology” (2014), “Realistic Claims in Logical Empiricism” (2015), “Perception and Coincidence in Helmholtz’s Theory of Measurement” (forthcoming).

While in Pittsburgh, he will work on a comparative study on the historical development of Critical Realism in Europe and the United States. His principal focus will be on the ‘American connection,’ especially the works of C.A. Strong and R.W. Sellars.



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