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Chunghyoung Lee
Pohang University of Science & Technology
Academic Year 2018-2019

Chunghyoung Lee is Associate Professor at Pohang University of Science and Technology in the Republic of Korea. One of his lifelong interests is in infinity. Infinity gives rise to various problems in the areas of logic, mathematics, metaphysics, religion, physics, and decision theory, and he believes that these problems are variants of similar problems arising in different circumstances and so ask for unified and comprehensive understandings and solutions. Chung is also interested in philosophical and psychological essentialism and in philosophical problems concerning special/general relativity and quantum mechanics. During the visit, he plans to study various surprising features of closed spacetime and to develop arguments against origin essentialism and several influential claims associated with it by utilizing the new developments in current biology and psychology.

“Individually advantageous but collectively ruinous bets,” The Korean Journal for the Philosophy of Science 18: 15-34, 2015

“The two-envelope paradox: Asymmetrical cases,” Mind 122:1-26, 2013.

“The staccato roller coaster: a simple physical model of the staccato run,” Synthese, 190: 549-562, 2013

“Infinity and Newton’s three laws of motion,” Foundations of Physics 41: 1810-1828, 2011

“The modal interpretation of quantum mechanics and the distinction between proper and improper mixtures,” The Korean Journal for the Philosophy of Science 14 (1): 1-31, 2011

“Nonconservation of momentum in classical mechanics,” Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part B: Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 42: 68-73, 2011



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