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Deivide Garcia Da Silva Oliveira
Federal University of Reconcavo of Bahia, Brazil
Fall Term 2018

Deivide Garcia is a professor at the Federal University of Reconcavo of Bahia and received a Ph.D in Philosophy of Science at Federal University of Bahia-UFBA. Deivide received a Master's degree at the same University and another Master's degree in Philosophy of Science at Valladolid University.

Deivide is the leader of the research group G-Efficientia (certified by CAPES) and has coordinated research projects, published book chapters and articles about the following topics:

Feyerabend’s Philosophy; Galileo’s Physics and Philosophy; Methodology of Science; Contemporary History and Philosophy of Science; Philosophy of Education; Science Education; Epistemological and Educational Multiculturalism.

His most recent publications are:
(2017) Ciência e Senso comum: Boaventura e sua crítica à Bachelard. Journal Kinesis ISSN
(2017) Sobre Ciência e Religião: O caso Galileu na perspectiva feyerabendiana,
Journal Nures, v.34, p.1 - 9.;
Book chapter (2016) Feyerabend: Desconstruyendo viejos prejuicios. In: Pablo Melogno (Org.). Perspectivas sobre el lenguaje científico. 1ed. Montevideo: Índice v. 1, p. 45-56.



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