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Liying Zhang
Central University of Finance and Economics, China
Spring Term 2019

Liying Zhang is a Professor of logic at the Institute of Modern Logic, Central University of Finance and Economics, Vice President of Beijing Logic Society, China. She was previously Guest Researcher at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, University of Amsterdam. She is the author of The Study on Reasoning of Generic Sentences (Social Sciences Academic Press, China, 2013), and translator of Logicomix: An epic search for truth (Chinese new version, 2018). While at the Center, Liying will work on the formal analysis of Ceteris Paribus Laws and explore the relations between Ceteris Paribus Laws and generic sentences. Beside this, she is also curious about the differences and connections between probabilistic methods and rule-based methods.

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L. Zhang. “Formal Characterizations of Exclusive CP-law”, Studies in Logic, 2015,vol.1,pp. 37-49.

L. Zhang. “The Interpretations of Ceteris Paribus Laws and Their Origins from Economics”, Journal of Central University of Finance & Economics, 2015((supplement)), pp.73-76.

L. Zhang & B. Zhou, “Logics for Getting Generics by Deduction”, Studies in Logic, 2013,Vol.1,pp.13-26.




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