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Fons DeWulf
Ghent University
Fall 2019

Fons Dewulf is a post-doctoral researcher at Ghent University. In his PhD dissertation "A Genealogy of Scientific Explanation" (2018) he investigated how epistemological questions about historiography in logical empiricist philosophy gave rise to discussion about the analysis of scientific explanation, a crucial topic in post-war philosophy of science,.

His research interests intersect the history of 20th century philosophy and the philosophy of history. A driving question throughout his research is how historiography became a marginal topic in the philosophy of science of the post-war period. During his research stay at the Center he will focus his attention on the formation of philosophy of science as a subdiscipline in philosophy during the 1950s and 1960s, investigating how topics like explanation and confirmation became standardized.


Dewulf, F. (2017) "Rudolf Carnap's Incorporation of the Geisteswissenschaften in the Aufbau." HOPOS: The Journal of the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science 7 (2), 199- 225.

Dewulf, F. (2018) "Revisiting Hempel's Contribution to Philosophy of History." Journal of the History of Ideas 79 (3), 285-406.

Dewulf, F. (Forthcoming) "The Place of Historiography in the Network of Logical Empiricism." Intellectual History review “



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