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Vera Matarese
Institute of Philosophy at the Czech Academy of Sciences
Fall Term 2019

Vera Matarese is a post-doctoral researcher in the philosophy of science at the Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences and a member of its newly established Centre for Formal Epistemology. She obtained her Ph.D. from The University of Hong Kong in 2017. Vera’s research concerns issues in the metaphysics of science and in the philosophy of physics. Thematically, she has worked on Structural Realism, Humean Supervenience, on the ontological status of the wave-function in Bohmian mechanics and on the electromagnetic field. She also has interests in the history of science and in epistemology.  While at the Center, her research project aims to investigate whether Super-Humeanism, which is argued to be a naturalistic metaphysical theory by its proponents, is compatible with one of our most cutting-edge physical theories, Loop Quantum Gravity.

Matarese, Vera (2018) “A Challenge to Super-Humeanism: the Problem of Immanent Comparisons”, Synthese, https://doi.org/10.1007/s11229-018-01914-y

Matarese, Vera (2019). “Loop Quantum Gravity: A New Threat to Humeanism? Part I: The Problem of Spacetime”, Foundations of Physics, 49 (3):232-259.


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