Education for an Information Age
Teaching in the Computerized Classroom
(Available free to Schools of Education)


The first edition of my book, Education for an Information Age, was published by WCB Brown and Benchmark in 1995.  This second edition was published by McGraw-Hill in 1998, shortly after the McGraw-Hill Companies acquired William C. Brown, Publishers.  One of the problems with publication on a three cycle is currency, especially when the text is about computers and computer-based technologies.  I have asked McGraw-Hill to publish the book annually, but they are unwilling to do this.  So I been given permission by McGraw-Hill Companies to take back ownership of the book and I am making it freely available to Schools of Education to use as an accompanying text for courses in Instructional Technology.  I will update the text annually during the summer months, starting this year.  A new edition will be available in August of this year, and each year thereafter into the foreseeable future.  I use the book in my own course, which is all the incentive I need to maintain currency.  Professors of Education/Instructional Technology who decide to use the text with their classes are asked only to inform me of that fact.  This is so that I can (a) have some idea as to how extensively it is used, and (b) invite feedback annually on the text to help me work on the annual updates for the Fall.

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