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This resource is the brain child of Donna Hendry, a graduate of the School of Education at Eastern Connecticut State University.  Donna has already created a resource of her own (see link below) which is rich in links to websites whose creators have provided an exciting opportunity for learners of all ages to virtually experience our wondrous world.


General Virtual Field Trips Resources
Balloon Race Around the World
Butterfly Garden--Monteverde Costa Rica Butterfly Garden

Christmas Virtual Field Trip--virtual field trip all about Christmas!
Earth Trips
Frontier House--"The Frontier House is a PBS program, produced by Thirteen/WNET New York, that sends three families to experience life on the American Frontier in 1883."
Field Trip Site--a range of field trips on nature topics: Rainforests, Endangered Species, Salt Marshes, Volcanoes, and more! Perfect for classroom use, we provide teacher's objectives and resources for each trip
Halloween Express--Global Christmas Traditions (link suggested by Courtney Phillips' students)

Historical Tour of the White House
Hurricane--This site covers how a hurricane comes into being, how storms are named, where they occur, stages of development and the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale.
Inside a Submarine
Kenton Letkeman's Digital Saskatchewan--create a virtual tour online.  over 2800 pictures and videos from many countries and is constantly growing.  You can use any image from the collection in your tour and can create links to other websites. Teachers can create tours for students or the students can create their own tours.
KIDS' TOUR--designed by the Michigan State University Comm Tech Lab and the MICHIGAN 4-H CHILDREN'S GARDEN. Our goal is to create a parallel virtual experience that in its own virtual way is as rich in exploration, surprises, learning, and fun as the real children's garden. The kids' tour is an ever expanding project which links to 9 years of professional and student software development. The interface is incredibly dense with a single screen acting as a portal to myriad panoramas, QTVRs garden eCards, garden videos, interactive games and stories, garden vocabulary in American Sign Language, and information for teachers and parents. The project embodies elegant, natural integration of virtual and real worlds. Different content is suitable for ages 2 to adult, with an emphasis on K-6.
Kim Foley's Virtual Field Trips resources--including software designed to assist teachers and students in creating virtual field trips and an online text on the subject
McMurdo Station, Antarctica
My America--It is geared for 4-7th graders and covers a range of topics including: Star Spangled Banner, the Flag and what the symbols mean, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, American Indians & Indian reservations in the U.S., Bald Eagle, Mt. Rushmore, and much more.
Oregon Trail Virtual Field Trip--recommended by Kim Foley and geared for 4th-8th graders especially
Orkin.com provides insight into the world of Bed Bugs and many other household pests--articles on Bed Bugs, insects, activities for children, and detailed information about the habits of common pests. Because of a recent surge of Bed Bugs questions, Orkin has improved the Bed Bugs section in order to inform the public about detection, identification and prevention

QTVR--excellent site for a wide range of examples of this QuickTime Virtual Reality technology
QTVR 2--another rich resource for a wide range of examples of QuickTime Virtual Reality technology
Quick Time Virtual Field Trips
Surfaquarium--journey with your students to places heretofore unattainable in your classroom!
Take a Walk in the Rainforest
The Vocano Field Trips--Pick a trip and explore.
Tidal Pool--High Tide
Tidal Pool--Low Tide
Tower of London
Virtual Tour Collection on Exploration Junkie
Vistas of Hawaii
Volcano World Field Trips
Walks Inside Venice--"When I went to Venice my dream became my address," Marcel Proust wrote of his visit in 1900. As you amble along 100 years later, you'll see what he meant. Here's a dreamy photographic walking tour of canals, bridges, glittering palaces, dramatic piazzas, and out-of-the-way art treasures
Women's History Virtual Field Trip--recommended by Kim Foley
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