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These tutorials for Microsoft Office 2016 are designed to help pre-service and in-service teachers learn the suite of applications included in Microsoft Office 2016.

The tutorials, with skill consolidation exercises, are designed to teach Word (including mail merge), Excel (including formulas, graphing, charting and Lookup Tables), Access (including reporting), and PowerPoint (including many of the relevant skills that apply to teachers) in the context of the teacher in the K-12 classroom.  They also include a lesson on the Office drawing tools.

This book is available for download free of charge.  As a courtesy to the author, please drop me a line at to let me know that you are interested in reading the book and/or are using it to promote the use of technology in the classroom.

If you are a professor in a School of Education or a Director of Technology in a School District or system, please feel free to use the book with your teachers or students.  There is no limit on the number of copies you may make, provided you comply with the conditions outlined below.

You may not sell this book for profit.

However, you may, in the context of a College course (or other learning situations where multiple copies need to be made), have as many copies as necessary printed (hard copy) and then sell them, at cost, to the students.  If you intend to do this, please be sure to print the entire contents of the book, including the Front Matter as published on the web.

You may also use this text to raise money for charity. If your intention is to raise money for a student scholarship, for example, or for some other award that will benefit students, you may charge an amount on top of the at cost sales price as long as it will be absolutely and totally applied to that effect (student scholarship or some other award that will benefit students).  Needless to say, I cannot police this, so I must trust your integrity.

Any attempt to profit financially from my work (other than outlined above) would be a direct infringement of the copyright.

You will need a copy of the several work files that must accompany the on-line version of the text.  I can send you these by return as attachments in e-mail; write me at  Please give me an email address that will not block emails that contain zipped attachments.


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