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Multimedia Resources (Video, still image, audio)
Altavista's still image, audio, and video database search engine--You can select a filtered or unfiltered search

American Rhetoric: The Power of Oratory in the United States--most famous--and infamous--speeches ever made site for full length movies
Animated Atlas--This site is a free, ten minute movie which depicts the geographic history of the United States from the beginning of the nation to fifty states. Geographic elements are interactive, as is the timeline.
Asian Educational Media Service--an extensive searchable database of a/v materials focusing on Asia, a list of recommended K-12 media, an online guide to using film in the classroom, teacher's guides, a quarterly newsletter, and links to web resources focusing on Afghanistan
Broad Band--This site is a multimedia online exploration of variations in Shakespeare. The site explores the printing process of Shakespeare's plays and variations in performances of his plays.
CNN Newsroom -- current events program airs daily at 4:30 a.m. for educational purposes
Discovery School Calendar--view Discovery Channel programming for the current month resource for high quality photo images for every subject under the sun

Global Gateway: World Culture & Resources--rich primary materials relating to history and culture
Google has an excellent search engine for images

Harvard University IOP: JKF Jr.  Multimedia
History and Politics Out Loud and fun education multimedia programs for kids 2-12
Libraryspot--gateway to more than 2,500 libraries around the world provides insight into the world of Bed Bugs and many other household pests--articles on Bed Bugs, insects, activities for children, and detailed information about the habits of common pests. Because of a recent surge of Bed Bugs questions, Orkin has improved the Bed Bugs section in order to inform the public about detection, identification and prevention

Teach With Movies--good resource to help teachers determine whether to use specific movies in school
TerraServer--Microsoft 's link to satellite images; check out any spot on the globe from space
Tutorial for the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation software --also includes tutorials on other Microsoft programs such as the e-mail  program Outlook Express, the Web browser Internet Explorer, and the Web site editor Front Page
US Dept of Education's FREE Web page --for quick access to all educational materials formerly available only in hard copy format
Videoconference sites for the K-12 classroom--some great ideas here
Video Placement Worldwide: Free videos for the asking audio/video guide on the web

The Writer's Almanac from American Public Media-- Site with a gentleman named Keillor, that can be heard each day on public radio stations throughout the country or heard through audio clips at this site online.

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