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This is a collection of favorite websites to connect you to further links, provide you with some ideas and help you narrow down a search.  I hope that you will find them useful.  Let us know if you want to add any categories / websites. Mail your suggestions to Mandi Axmann ( Mandi.

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General Instructional Design Resources

Definitions of Instructional Design: Adapted from "Training and Instructional Design", Penn State University.

Guide to Distance Education--Webteacher: Information and web examples.

The purpose of the California Learning Resource Network is to provide a one-stop information source that enables California educators to identify supplemental electronic learning resources that both meet local instructional needs and embody the implementation of California curriculum frameworks and standards.

Teaching Degree--Ten Education blogs every teacher should be reading

Web-based Instructional Design: Learning to learn.
Web Design--gives directions on how to design your own website
Who's Who in Instructional Technology? Gives a comprehensive list of instructional designers worldwide (Maintained by Johan Viljoen).
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Assessment Strategies
Assessment in and of Collaborative Learning Developed and edited by the Washington Center's Evaluation Committee.
Changing Assessment to Improve Learning: Northumbria Assessment Conference.
Evaluation Center to provide national and international leadership for advancing the theory and practice of program, personnel, and student/constituent evaluation, as applied primarily to education and human services.
Instruction & Assessment Strategies A Guide to Strategies used in Assessing the Progress, Texas.
Links to sites on assessment in Higher Education.
Online Resources for Assessment Comprehensive list of assessment activities and strategies by RMC Research Corporation.

Web-based Assessment: Two UK Initiatives, Robert Clark Centre for Technological Education.

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Designing for Inclusion

Color Deficiency: Color perception problems are more wide-spread than people think, and have more causes and variations,  © 2001 Diane Wilson.

This site is a good simulator of Color Blindness.

Ensuring Equity with Alternative Assessments.

E-zine of the International Disability Exchanges and Studies (IDEAS) Project 2000-2004.

Falling through the Net: Reporting on the Digital Divide.

Illinois Center for Instructional Technology Accessibility. The purpose of the this web resource is to provide developers of web based instructional materials a resource on how to design their resources to be more accessible to people with disabilities.

Information on Learning Disabilities, learning disorders, attention deficit disorder, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dysnomia, speech disorder etc.

Online Textbook. Collaborative Teaching: Special Education for Inclusive Classrooms © 2000-2001 Parrot Publishing, L.L.C.
WebAim. The Web Accessibility "How To" site.

Web Accessibility Resources by Alliance for Technology Access.

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Designing of Online Activities
Busy Educator's Guide to the World Wide Web.

Case Studies in Instructional Technology and Design. Compelling multimedia instructional design cases on the web allow beginning and experienced developers to explore issues and practice in instructional design.

Interactive statistical games and tutorials designed in Java.

Lloyd's Gallery of Neat Stuff.  Interactive simulations and games related to understanding instructional technology.
Make Online Puzzles as engaging activities for learning concepts, maps and processes.

Merriam-Webster Online: Language center where you can look up words, play word games and add a free word-search to your website.

Quia - Where learning takes you. Create your own educational activities on the Internet. Play activities in various topics that others have created.

Ulead COOL 3D! Get free downloadstemplates,fonts and more..

UMUC-Verizon Virtual Resource Site for Teaching with Technology. Provides information about using the web to design and deliver interactive online courses.

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Evaluating a Good Website

Evaluating Products and Developing an Overall Strategy for technology-based course development and management.

Checklists of Checkpoints for Web Accessibility Guidelines 1.0.

International Visual Literacy Association (IVLA): not-for-profit association of educators, artists, and researchers dedicated to the principles of visual literacy.

Jakob Nielson's bi-weekly column on Web usability.

Quality Information Checklist--This site gives you 8 steps of checking information on a website.

Software & Courseware Design & Evaluation. ACE publications.

Web Tool for Comparative Analysis: This site is designed to help educators evaluate and select online delivery software.

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Fabulous Freebies
Building Free Online Communities and host free online chat rooms.
Corel Photos: It's their largest Freebies update ever: clipart, photos, brushes and image lists. Over 60 files in all.
Daily Updates on Distance Education.
Find Fabulous Photos for your website - free downloads.

Flash Experiments for Biology and Science.

Free Online Seminars about online learning.

Free Scripting to make your web page more dynamic and interesting.

Guidelines for Searching the Internet for Sources, including the use of engines and directories, formulating search terms and using Boolean logic.

Internet and Education: Reporting on daily internet activities of users. Findings of the Pew Internet & American Life Project. 

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Facilitation Skills / Teaching Strategies
Strategies for Teachers - One Computer Classroom.

Teaching Strategies: The purpose of these pages is to assist faculty and graduate student instructors (GSIs) in their teaching by providing online teaching strategies.

Teaching with Electronic Technology. Reflects uses for computing and electronic technology in teaching.

Tips and Strategies - from Peak Learning Systems' resources, such as Motivation & Learning, Teaching Tips, and Teaching Treasures.

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International Conferences
Conferences of Interest to the global Information Systems community.
Digital Education Network provides a schedule of conferences, exhibitions, and workshops, searchable by location and date.
Information & Research Support Education Conferences Information on the Web General Information | World Wide Web Conferences Conferences run or sponsored by Education Queensland
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Learning Styles and Profiles

Links to Learning Styles temperament sorters and surveys.

Learning styles and Multiple Intelligence (MI) is helpful for everyone especially for people with learning disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder.

New Students - New Learning Styles. Longitudinal study by Charles Schroeder.

Seven Styles of Learning: according to Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences - Elaine Winters.

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Managing Courseware Design

Collaborative Courseware Development for the Analysis and Design of Software Systems.
Educational Courseware: Instructional Design Links to Learning.
Higher Education Links: Resources and courseware in Engineering and Technology.
Managing the Digital Enterprise is an "open courseware" project that was begun in 1998. ways to study with their evolving classrooms

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New Paradigms and Research in Instructional Technology
Design-Research for the Indiana University Bloomington World Wide Report on goals, needs analysis, rapid prototyping, usability testing, and revisions of the IU Bloomington web information structure Instructional Systems Technology.
Out -of-the Box Instructional Design: Moving from Assembly-Line Models to Non-linear Performance Models. Diane M. Gayeski, Ph.D.  OmniCom Associates.

Concurrent Instructional Design: How to Produce Online Courses Using a Lean Team Approach.

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Publications and Forums
Educational Telematics Discussion List: subscribe at
Information Design  A select Bibliography.
ITFORUM A listserv for the Instructional Technology Community with monthly article discussions.

MERLOT - Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching  is a free and open resource designed primarily for faculty and students in higher education.

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Software and Applications

Blackboard e-learning Platform.
Books on drafting and Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

Gaining Access Walks you through making your own database.

Lexia--Designed with a mature interface, Reading S.O.S. starts with basic first grade reading skills and works up to advanced decoding and comprehension
Macromedia: Dreamweaver, Flash & Fireworks.
Math Pad--Software programs designed to reinforce essential math skills and help your students meet national standards

Programmer's Corner serves those interested in Programming and Writing. We cover many programming languages, including Visual Basic, Power Builder, C/C++, as well as Web Design, Graphic Design, Help Authoring, Kiosks, and Distance Learning.

Quest Multimedia Authoring Tool, the Designer's Edge, the Manager's Edge-training delivery and management tool, and custom courseware solutions.

Respondus is the leading developer of third-party testing and assessment tools for the WebCT™ and Blackboard® e-Learning platforms.

Selected Learning Management Systems and Web-based Training Systems.

Virtual Mechanics IMS Web Engine Software Dynamic HTML authoring software for the design of web pages, games, interactive animation, business presentations and educational courseware.
Visio--free trial software for drawning geometric shapes
WebCT: Web Course Tools for Educators - also join to share in the teaching community.

Whether you need a Faster Net Connection or the latest Software Updates, CNET can help you soup up your aging desktop.

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