The Ten Pillars of Successful Technology Integration in K-12 Schools

For a brief reflection on each Pillar, read Chapter 13 of Poole's book Education for an Information Age: Teaching in the Computerized Classroom, 7th ed. (published online at

  1. Leadership must provide active and committed support

  2. Selling is better than telling; everyone needs to buy into the change that technology brings

  3. Invest in, and train, a core team of teacher-technologists

  4. Recognize that technological change is fast; keeping up to date is challenging and essential

  5. All teachers must receive on-going training

  6. All teachers must receive technical support, ideally on-site and on demand

  7. Use it or lose it; teachers must plan on frequently integrating technology into lesson plans in order to maintain currency and fluency in its application

  8. Parents and students must be actively involved in the evolutionary process

  9. There must be planned and systematic financial investment in technology-integrated teaching and learning

  10. Recognize that technology is for all, and involves all, in the process of lifelong learning

Thanks to my brother, Andrew, retired principal and educational leadership consultant, for his valuable feedback on these Pillars
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