Incorporating technology skills and experience into your resume

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The job market for teachers:

     Job opportunities for teachers over the next 10 years should be at least satisfactory.  Employment of preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school teachers is expected to increase about as fast as the average.


 Looking for a job?


Sections in your resume where you can profile your technology experience:

Include the web address to your professional portfolio (take some time & update it now)

On the first page, after your Professional Objective statement, and include in either the Education or Skills Section

Hardware (PC--Windows, Mac, iPads, Android, Tablets, Graphing calculators, Scanners, Digital cameras, et al.

Operating Systems (Windows 98/2000/NT/XP, Windows 7/8, UNIX, LINUX, Mac OS-7.x/8.x/9.x/OS X?…)

Applications (any software you’ve learned how to use, and maybe categorized according to type)

Productivity software (Microsoft Office, Microsoft Works)

Word processing

Spreadsheets (Excel)

Presentation software (PowerPoint)

Database/File management (Access, FileMaker)

Graphics/Drawing/Painting tools (MS Word Drawing Tools, PhotoEditor, PhotoShop)

Communications tools (e-mail, listservs, social media--EDTECH, Instant Messaging/Chat)

Web Page development tools (Front Page, SharePoint Designer, Dream Weaver) 

     Is there other software you are accustomed to using…?


Other General Tips for your resume:

Buzz words catch the eye (unix, PowerPoint, Windows, etc.)

The “digital cut” saves time for employers--a scanner may be being used for the first pass at resume evaluation

Keep it simple (simple fonts--Ariel, Times New Roman--and minimal use of boldface, avoid underlining)

Create a PDF version of your final resume or CV.  This is especially true if, as often happens today, you are able to send off your resume as an email attachment.  PDF (Portable Document Format) ensures that the version your prospective employer receives will have the format/layout you want.  Creating a PDF version of any document is easy enough in the latest versions of MS Office, but in case you need help, here's a website where you can download a free version of software called SmallPDF, which not only helps you create a PDF version, but also lets you compress the file, should you ever need to do that.



The faculty in the Education Division here at UPJ have offered their services as e-Mentors for you during your first year of teaching experience.  To simplify things for you, you can use e-mail for this service.  You can write either to me or you can write directly to any professor in the Division.  To simplify things for you, and to save you remembering a bunch of different people’s e-mail addresses, you can write directly to me ( and I’ll direct your request for help to the appropriate professor, depending on the kind of help you need (El Ed, Sec. Ed, subject area, etc.).  Class management problems and such that are non-specific to any age group or subject  area will be directed to several of the professors and they will get back to you soonest with their recommendations or advice.


Have a great career in the classroom!  Change the world!  That’s what teaching is all about!

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