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Targeted 13C-13C Distance Measurements in a Microcrystalline Protein via J-Decoupled Rotational Resonance Width Measurements.
Van der Wel, P.C.A.; Eddy, M.T.; Ramachandran, R., and Griffin, R.G. (2009) ChemPhysChem 10 (9-10): 1656-1663 

High-Resolution Solid-State NMR Structure of Alanyl-Prolyl-Glycine.
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Cryogenic sample exchange NMR probe for magic angle spinning dynamic nuclear polarization
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Observation of a low-temperature, dynamically driven structural transition in a polypeptide by solid state NMR spectroscopy
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High field dynamic nuclear polarization for solid and solution biological NMR (review article)
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Dynamic nuclear polarization at high magnetic fields (review article)
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Helical distortion in tryptophan and lysine anchored membrane-spanning alpha helices as a function of hydrophobic mismatch: A solid-state deuterium NMR investigation using the GALA method
Daily, A.E.; Greathouse, D.V.; van der Wel, P.C.A., and Koeppe, R.E., II (2008) Biophys. J. 94: 480-491 Online DOI


Solid state NMR study of amyloid nanocrystals and fibrils formed by the peptide GNNQQNY from yeast prion protein Sup35p.
Van der Wel, P.C.A.; Lewandowski, J.R., and Griffin, R.G. (2007) J. Am. Chem. Soc. 129(16): 5117-5130 Online DOI

Orientation and motion of tryptophan interfacial anchors in membrane-spanning peptides.
Van der Wel, P.C.A.; Reed, N.D.; Greathouse, D.V., and Koeppe, R.E., II (2007) Biochemistry 46(25):7514-24  Abstract DOI PMC PDF


 Dynamic nuclear polarization of amyloidogenic peptide nanocrystals: GNNQQNY, a core segment of the yeast prion protein Sup35p.
Van der Wel, P.C.A.; Hu, K.-N.; Lewandowski, J.R., and Griffin, R.G. (2006) J. Am. Chem. Soc. 128(33):10840-10846 Abstract DOI

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Importance of tensor asymmetry for the analysis of 2H-NMR spectra from deuterated aromatic rings.
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Complexes obtained by electrophilic attack on a dinitrogen-derived terminal molybdenum nitride: electronic structure analysis by solid state CP/MAS 15N NMR in combination with DFT calculations.
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Tilt angles of transmembrane model peptides in oriented and nonoriented lipid bilayers as determined by 2H solid-state NMR.
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Combined experimental/theoretical refinement of indole ring geometry using deuterium magnetic resonance and ab initio calculations.
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Van der Wel, P.C.A.; Strandberg, E.; Killian, J.A., and Koeppe, R.E., II (2002) Biophys. J. 83(3): 1479-1488 Abstract Full Text  Info PMC PDF

Lipid dependence of membrane anchoring properties and snorkeling behaviour of aromatic and charged residues in transmembrane peptides.
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Tryptophan-anchored transmembrane peptides promote formation of nonlamellar phases in phosphatidylethanolamine model membranes in a mismatch-dependent manner.
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Peptide influences on lipids.
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Modulation of membrane structure and function by hydrophobic mismatch between proteins and lipids
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