In acknowledgement of his extensive gifting to the institution, the University of Pittsburgh established in 2010 the Nicholas Rescher prize for contributions to systematic philosophy. stablished by the University of Pittsburgh in 2009, the Nicholas Rescher Prize for Systematic Philosophy is intended to counter present-day tendencies to narrow specialization by rewarding and showcasing the work of philosophers who have addressed the historical "big questions" of the field in ways that nevertheless command the respect of specialists Awarded biennially the prize consists of a gold medal together with a sum of $30,000. It bears comparison with other prestigious cultural prizes such as the Pulitzer prize for journalism and the creative arts administered by Columbia University and valued at $10,000.

The prize is named in honor of Nicholas Rescher, Distinguished University Professor of Philosophy, who has been on Pitt's Philosophy faculty since 1961.

Rescher Medal

Past Awardees are:


Ernst Sosa (2010)


Alvin Plantinga (2012)


Juergen Mittelstrass (2013)


Hilary Putnam (2015)


Ruth Millikan (2017)


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