Please visit the E2 Link and Logger Client writeup on E2 before continuing. The writeup will always contain the most up to date features, changelog, and important messages for users.

Important Note To Users with Version 0.9.8.x and Below:

If you don't know what version you have, open the E2LnL Client and go to Help->About

The E2 Link and Logger Client has had some major changes made in this newest version (both visible and transparent). Most importantly, the format of several of the tables in the database have been modified. For this reason, all users of version 0.9.8.x and below should backup their Offline Scratch Pads by exporting them to text files before upgrading. Failure to do so will result in the loss of your Offline Scratch Pads. Note that you will also loose your current preferences and node tracker statistics by upgrading. Sorry for the trouble, but these changes will allow the client to be more easily upgradable in the future.

You can optionally just install the new version to a different folder, and have two copies of the client on your computer.

Important Note for All Users:

As some of you may know, previous versions of the client required a password to open the Microsoft Access database. I have removed that restriction from this version. However, I DO NOT SUPPORT experimentation with or manual changes to the database. If you modify any settings in the database and the application stops working, or unexpected results occur, just return to this page and download the most recent version.

Download the E2 Link and Logger Client - Current Version: beta (released May 26, 2003)

Full Application Download

If you are downloading for the first time, or you currently have version 0.9.8.x or below, you will need to download the full application. Please read the note above before downloading if you are a current user.

Download E2 Link and Logger Client (Full Application) - 186K

Application Upgrade Download

If you are using version 0.9.9.x or above, it is suggested that you download the upgrade (not the full application). Please read the note above before downloading if you are a current user.

Download E2 Link and Logger Client (Upgrade for users of 0.9.9.x and above only) - 108K

To install or upgrade

Just run the file "E2LnL_Install.exe" or "E2LnL_Upgrade.exe" to decompress the application files to a directory your computer. There are no registry changes or additions to your system folders. You may install multiple copies and/or multiple versions of the client simply by extracting the files to different folders.

To Run

Simply double-click on the E2LinkAndLogger.exe file after installing.