The Electronic Chess Library

"The Electronic Chess Library (TECL) is a collection            
of over 400 chess files formatted in ascii and under copyright to Glenn
Budzinski, who agrees to permit files to be downloaded for personal use
only. By proceeding further, it means that you understand and agree with
this condition.
"TECL contains game scores from significant grandmaster and master-level
tournaments during the years 1989 through 1993, miscellaneous files of game
collections by player or opening variation, as well as various narrative
files  that may be of interest to the chess player.  TECL is unique for at
least two reasons: it is probably the largest single collection of ascii
chess files in the world and, unlike most other collections of game scores,
TECL games are segregated by tournament.  A listing of most files in the
collection can be found under 'index.ecl'.
"Comments can be addressed to me at either of two e-mail addresses: or
"Finally, Doug Attig of Knight-Line! BBS fame deserves a hearty 'thank you'
from all of us in chess cyberland for the countless hours that he expended
in uploading TECL for the benefit of all.
              					Glenn Budzinski
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