Advice on giving feedback  


A short tutorial on how to give good peer feedback on writing



  About the tutorial


This Flash tutorial presents actual cases of peer feedback and the reactions to this feedback by the authors. These cases illustrate the kinds of feedback that causes great annoyance to authors, and finishes with positive examples of good feedback.

The features of feedback that cause annoyance and appreciation in authors were derived from research on peer feedback in the SWoRD system in the Schunn lab. However, this tutorial is designed to be of relevance to all settings in which peer feedback on writing is used.

Click on "Launch Tutorial" to the left to begin the tutorial. The tutorial comes with spoken dialog–adjust your computer volume appropriately. For the hearing impaired, please click on the 'Notes' butten to see the text fo the dialog.

This tutorial is free for use in classroom settings. Questions and comments should be directed to Christian Schunn, Professor of Psychology, Learning Sciences and Policy, and Intelligent Systems, University of Pittsburgh.


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