Laurel Highlands Mathematics Alliance
"Children are the future. Everything we do is for them and everything
that will be done will be done by them."
- Clay Morgan
Our Purpose.
  • To create and maintain an active interest in mathematics.
  • To encourage effective teaching at all levels in elementary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities.
  • To provide a medium for exchange of views pertaining to mathematics and to the teaching of mathematics.
  • To conducts activities which provide opportunities for and give recognition to faculty and student achievement.
  • To provide a forum to discuss, initiate, and react to matters of common interest and concern.
  • How Can I Get Involved?
    Join - Join with us to become a voice in your local and state mathematics teacher organization. Support the alliance by working for better mathematics teaching in your local area and be in touch with new ideas and methods in mathematics education.
    Serve on a Committee - Within LMHA are a number of standing committees and special committees working on projects to benefit mathematics teaching and the alliance itself. Members are encouraged to get involved in committees such as Contest, Publications, Membership, Social, Program and Budget.
    Write - The LHMA welcomes articles and innovative and effective teaching ideas and methods for newsletters.
    Run for Office - Each year officers are elected to serve in positions of President, President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, PCTM/NCTM Representative, and Historian.
    Why Join LHMA?
    To Grow - To grow professionally as a teacher of mathematics or as a person in the teaching of mathematics. LHMA fosters the continued growth of its members.
    To Share - To share common concerns, interests, teaching strategies, and ideas and to meet colleagues from other schools.
    To Learn - To learn new techniques, methods, and ideas in mathematics and mathematics education. LHMA will sponsor two programs and meetings per year for members. LHMA is one of the sponsors of the Mathematics on Saturday/Science on Saturday (MOS/SOS) workshops.
    Publications - As a member of LHMA you will receive publications and mewsletters. The publications and newsletters bring to each member the latest news and opportunities in mathematics education at the local, state, and national level. An annual Membership Directory of LHMA members enables communication between members.
    Professional Meetings - LHMA will sponsor two professional meetins each year. Each of these meetings will offer a wide variety of workshops, discussion groups, and sessions aimed for primary, middle school, secondary and college teachers.
    Influence - LHMA is an affilliate of the Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics (PCTM) and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). LHMA members will be asked to participate and serve on committees of these organizations which have direct impact on state and national policy decisions in areas of certification, curriculum changes, and graduation requirements.
    Professional Membership - is open to all persons who are engaged in the teaching of mathematics in public, independent, private and parochial educational institutions and who are interested in mathematics.
    Student Membership - is open to all undergraduate students who are interested in mathematics and are enrolled in any college or university and who have never taught professionally.
    Dr. Tom Sigmund - University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

    Carol Grove - Bishop McCort High School

    Nina Girard - University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

    Pete Skoner - St. Francis College
    Karen J. Storms - Allegany Community College

    Tracey Karlie - Meyersdale Area School District

    Jackie Baird - Forest Hills School District

    Jeff Baird - Penn Cambria School District
    Committee Chairs
    James Roccio - Richland School District

    Kim Sherry - Altoona Area School District

    Phyllis Koshewitz - Somerset Area School District

    Carol Grove - Bishop McCort School District

    Mary Lou Metz - Rockwood Area School District

    Cheryl Webber - North Star School District
    Executive Board
  • Linda Strong, Tyrone Area School District
  • Diane Garcyzinski, Greater Johnstown School District
  • Jane Smithmyer, Penn Cambria School District
  • Michelle Locher, Conemaugh Valley School District
  • Barbara Parkins, Greater Johnstown School District

  • Gloria Molnar, Forest Hills School District
  • Pat Grzybicki, Conemaugh Township School District
  • Steve Clawson, Ferndale Area School District
  • Mike Oravec, Richland School District
  • Lori Deremer, Chestnut Ridge School District

  • Last updated: August 20, 1996