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Fly fishing is a sport, or maybe just an excuse, that allows me to go out and enjoy the lush wilderness and forests that surround us every day. Fooling a fish with an imitated fly that I tied is one of the greatest thrills in the world. Proving that I deceived one of the most elegant creatures in nature gives me unparalleled self-esteem. Being a delicate sport, fly fishing takes patience and a love for the quiet things in life.

I mainly fly fish streams in McKean County, Pennslyvania. Check the stocking report for the streams around Bradford. Kinzua Creek, pictured above, is one of my favorite streams to fish. Try these links for more information and other interesting areas of fly fishing:

-> Pennsylvania Fly Fishing - Informative site about fly fishing the great waters of PA.
-> Fly Fishing Adventures - Listing of resources for the fly fisher on the Internet.
-> Sporting Adventures - A great site for the true outdoors enthusiast.
-> Federation of Fly Fishers - An organization that protects and conserves our natural resourses for fly fishers everywhere.
-> WWW Fly Fishing Launch Pad - Search the world wide web for links to interesting pages about fly fishing.
-> Virtual Flyshop - Check here for entertainment and education about fly fishing.
-> World Wide Web Fly Tyer - Great photos and information about how fly fishers tie their intricate flies.

Kinzua Fly Fishing School

My father, Steve Skvarka, and his partner, Carl Zandi, run this fly fishing school at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. The dates for the 1997 camp are June 27, 28, and 29. One day instruction by Joe Humphreys, pictured above, is included on the first day of this school. This year we are offering a refresher course for past students. This class will be held one day with Joe Humphreys on June 26, 1997.

On-stream and classroom instruction helps facilitate learning. Prices for the 1996 school were $275 for residents and $245 for commuters. The commuter price includes nine all-you-can-eat, meals, reference fly tying manual, and T-shirt. The resident pric e includes all of the above and full lodging. The prices for the 1997 school and refresher course have not been set.

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