University of Pittsburgh
Slavic and East European Film Collection

The following films are located in the Media Resources Center at Hillman Library as part of the University of Pittsburgh's media collection. They are catalogued by letter, indicating type (BR or BD= Blue Ray; D=Laserdisc, DVD=DVD; F/FL- Film; V= Video), followed by a four-digit number (e.g. V-2732).

The collection of visual materials in Hillman Library is intended for research and teaching purposes only at the University of Pittsburgh. No materials are allowed to circulate and no materials are available through Inter-Library Loan. Under no circumstances are materials duplicated for use outside of the University of Pittsburgh.

More detailed information on the films in the collection can be found on the Media Center's computer catalogue in Hillman. In addition, most of them are included in the Internet Movie Database, a searchable resource that contains extensive information on over 120,000 films.

The list below is organized by country and by film type (feature, documentary). Within each subheading, the films are listed alphabetically by director. Use the following menu to select a particular subsection: