Mission Statement

The Caribbean & Latin American Student Association's primary purpose is to promote Cultural, Educational, and Social activities from the Caribbean & Latin American countries and provide opportunities for intellectual and cultural exchanges.
Provide an environment that facilitates the transition to the University and Oakland Community, and the opportunity to interact with other students of similar heritage and interests. Above all, CLASA trusts that the friendships that it cultivates will enhance out lives and lead to a better world.

Goals, Purposes, Objectives

  • To promote Educational, Cultural, and Social activities.
  • To provide assistance to the members, particularly in the orientation of newcomers to the University of Pittsburgh.
  • Assist undergraduate and graduate students arriving from the Caribbean/West Indian region adjust to the separation from family.
  • Assist with providing a "home away from home."
  • To provide an environment that facilitates the transition to the University of Pittsburgh and surrounding community while providing the opportunity to interact with the other students of similar heritage and interests.

  • To offer a wide range of cultural programs on the Caribbean that serves to strengthen the cultural awareness of the University of Pittsburgh.
  • Increase Caribbean/Latin student admissions
  • Work diligently on strengthening relationships with the student body seeking new and innovative ways of addressing the needs of the Caribbean and Latin students.
  • Identify, define, analyze, and study problems affecting Caribbean and Latin American students within the University and Pennsylvania region.
    • Propose possible solutions to these problems
    • Disseminate information concerning these items to the widest possible audience
  • Develop strategies for espousing and advocating a Caribbean/Latin perspective before the various levels of Student Government Boards.

  • Undertake such other non-political activities as may be deemed appropriate to protect the interests and well-being of Caribbean & Latin American students within the University communities.
  • Sponsor, support, or conduct any program in some area of activity that will promote the purposes stated, that are not in conflict with its student's organization status.
  • Seek to minimize conflict and avoid duplication among the various organizations at the programmatic level.
  • In pursuing CLASA's mission, CLASA is mindful of any controversial issues.
    • CLASA seeks to build alliances with groups and individuals whose interests are compatible with CLASA's regardless of their national origins.

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