The Campus Women's Organization of the University of Pittsburgh aims to represent the women of the University of Pittsburgh and their interests, namely: education, empowerment, full representation, reproductive justice, and expression of all their identities. By increasing awareness of discrimination and harassment on the basis of physical sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, race, class, size, religion, political views, and ability, we wish to provide a support network to individuals and forums for confidential and public discussion. We intend to serve as a progessive voice and resource on reproductive issues for the community and to provide support for women and members of both our organization and the Pittsburgh community.

We are focused on bringing awareness to the many social inequalities on campus, in Pittsburgh, and across the world, and are determined to not only recognize these problems, but put into motion efforts to change them.

Student Board

Bella Salamone -- President

Bella Salamone does not enjoy long walks on the beach, dancing by candlelight, or piña coladas. She does, however, enjoy calling her senator to verbally abuse their answering machine. She is a Molecular Biology and Classics major with delusions of going to graduate school.

Keely McCaskie -- Vice President

Keely is a feminist, sun-worshipping change-agent studying Sociology, Environmental Studies, and International Area Studies. This is her fourth year on the board of CWO because she loves the work we do and the community we foster. She enjoys traveling, singing, cooking, running, and spending every other possible moment with her mother.

Teresa Qiu -- Business Manager

Teresa Qiu was an on-again, off-again member of Campus Women's Organization and a blasé slacktivist until she was cast in the 2010 production of The Vagina Monologues. She went on to co-direct the 2011 production with Gina Roussos, former CWO president. She's a senior Microbiology major.

Shannon Frishkorn -- Office Administrator

Shannon Frishkorn is a junior English Literature major who's also pursuing a Gender Studies certificate. She loves blackberry pie, bathroom graffiti, narwhals, and the beautiful women that make up CWO.

Erin Case -- Community Outreach Co-Chair

Erin Case is a junior majoring in History and Fiction Writing, and working on a Gender Studies certificate. Along with CWO, she is on the board of VOX: Voices for Planned Parenthood and a proud sister of Sigma Delta Tau. She hopes to one day enter the Peace Corps, and eventually become an international aid worker.

??? -- Community Outreach Co-Chair


Asia Moses -- Political Action Co-Chair

Asia Moses prides herself in making others smile. When she should be studying, she's watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix or Facebooking. She is currently a Sociology major with a Pre-Medicine concentration. Children are her passion and she strives everyday to give them the best gift she was ever given: a great education. Her goal is to not only heal children but teach them how to be healthy.

Rachel Peters -- Political Action Co-Chair

Rachel Peters is a sophomore studying French, German, and Religious Studies. Among her many goals are obtaining a PhD, living in Europe, and mothering beautiful bilingual children who love discussing touchy topics as much as she does. She first realized she was a feminist when a former teacher asked if she spelled "woman" W-O-M-Y-N after viewing her impressive collection of female-lead historical films. Her role models are Jessica Valenti, Liz Gilbert, all female PhD students, and Dakota Fanning (always).

Samantha Wagner -- Public Relations Co-Chair

Samantha Wagner is a big-haired, tea-slurping, puppy-petting machine. She is a Chinese Language and History major, mostly because there's no degree in watching British television. When she's not lecturing catcallers and street harassers, she's inhaling pierogies and loudly discussing female tropes in the back of movie theaters.

??? -- Public Relations Co-Chair


Faculty Advisors

The Campus Women's Organization is supported and advised by staff from the Office of Cross Cultural and Leadership Development (CCLD) within the Division of Student Affairs.

For questions or concerns, you may contact CCLD at 412-648-9523. You may also email Angela Miller McGraw (angelamm at pitt dot edu) or Sherdina Harper (sdh34 at pitt dot edu).

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