Feminism in General

Sexual Assault and Rape

Pro-Choice and Reproductive Rights

Women's Health, Safe Sex, and Contraception

Eating Disorders

Women in Music and Art

  • National Museum of Women in the Arts
  • The Guerrilla Girls are a group of women artists, writers, performers, and filmmakers who fight discrimination. They wear gorilla masks and use humor to convey information and provoke discussion. The mystery surrounding their identities has attracted attention and support: they could be anyone, and they are everywhere.

Media Issues

  • Disinformation is an independent media company in New York that frequently works with filmmakers and authors to promote important social, cultural, and political issues ignored by the mainstream media.
  • Media Portrayals of Girls and Women provides a snapshot of the issues around the media's portrayal of women and girls, from body image and self-identity to ramifications in sports and politics. It looks at the economic interests behind the objectification and eroticization of females by the media as well as efforts to counter negative stereotyping.
  • WomenAction is a global information, communication, and media network that enables non-governmental organizations to engage in the Beijing+5 review process with the long-term goal of women's empowerment and a special focus on women and media.

Women and Labor

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